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Applicable Patents & Trademarks

Casting molten ash into commercial building products


This recently approved process patent Coupling the SAF with the Fischer-Tropsch or other synthesis process for liquid fuels increases the energy efficiency and hydrocarbon product yield compared to other processes.

Product material

The glass-ceramic product material is trademarked as a Glasalt™.

Process & Apparatus

The Process and Apparatus patent covers the basic SAF design and operation and even claims for making liquid fuels.

Rotating-Electrode Drive

The rotating-electrode drive patent enables the movement of the electrodes to facilitate the start or restart of the electrode arc by moving the electrodes together easily, locating the electrodes the best distance for recirculation patterns in the molten slag, and to assist in the opening of tap ports if needed.

Tapping of molten slag

The Tapping patent covers a device that enables start/stop tapping of a specific amount of molten slag into a ladle for casting on demand with minimum maintenance.

In-progress patents

The in-progress patent on a Temperature and Level Device (in the molten slag and cold top) is needed to improve the technology available and to make the measurements more direct,

precise and convenient.


The in-progress patent on the casting and heat treatment of the glass-ceramic products resolves the complex procedures necessary to 1) convey the molten slag precisely and rapidly to the casting machines and 2) convert the mostly glass composition of the castings to a crystalline, rocky, ceramic product.