100% ReUse and Recovery

From Waste to Wing


RUWI is 100% ReUse & Recycling

converting 100% of source materials into renewable energy, transportation fuels and green building Products that are cast into customized bricks, tiles and pavers.

Using existing technologies

processing organic and inorganic solids, gases and liquids into Jet-A biofuel, clean energy products and industrial commodities. 

Proprietary processes & equipment

utilizing mechanical patents and patentable technologies, we source materials, separating and returning these elements to industry and commodity markets.

No smokestack

 without combustion, there are no wastes, emissions, or disposal issues of the source materials. 

Generates clean energy and biofuels

our process and technologies generate biofuels to reduce CO2 emissions and reliance on fossil fuels for aviation.

Sustainable business

With no shortage of waste, we are able to process all wastes into clean energy, recycle metals back to industry and cast all residuals into green building products.